Saturday, March 01, 2008

"Return to Dark Castle demo available for download":
One of the first hit Mac games is making its proud comeback -- Super Happy Fun Fun has released a demo of Return to Dark Castle, and promises that the full game will be released "very, VERY soon."

Return to Dark Castle is the latest installment of a game series that originally appeared on black-and-white Macs more than 20 years ago. A 2D platformer, the game puts you in the role of an intrepid hero who has to make his way through a castle filled with rats, flying bats, birds, haunted suits of armor, weird creatures on a quest to slay the evil Black Knight. Along the way you have to retrieve magic orbs and defeat your enemies using bags of rocks and other objects.

Return to Dark Castle sports more than 50 brand-new levels including all 30 levels from the original Dark Castle and its sequel, Beyond Dark Castle, remastered and integrated into a new quest. The game features new secret rooms and mini-games.
I never played the game, but my wife was a big fan. She spent quite a few hours playing the demo last night.