Saturday, March 01, 2008

New watch: I've always been a big fan of Casio G-shock watches, because they are sturdy, reliable, relatively inexpensive, and keep good time. Casio has always had innovative technology at a reasonable price, and some of their latest watches feature solar power (so the watch battery doesn't need replacing) as well as atomic synchronization (the watch synchronizes every day to the official US atomic clock time signal sent out by radio from Fort Collins, Colorado, or the equivalent stations in Europe or Japan, so it's never off by more than a second.)

So when Casio announced a new digital watch with those features (the GW-M5600), but matching the form factor of the classic DW-5600E, I knew I had to buy one. It's not yet sold in the US, but I was able to purchase one from Seiya Kobayashi, a highly-regarded reputable watch exporter from Japan.

The watch is sleek, lightweight, tough, accurate, and has the classic retro look that I wanted. I anticipate this will be my "everyday watch" for a long time to come.