Monday, May 27, 2019

"Terminator: Dark Fate" Trailer

 The trailer for the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate movie is now out.

The last couple of Terminator films were pretty disappointing. However, Stephen Green notes:
Dark Fate is touted as a direct sequel to T2, and will treat the other three films as though they never existed. In other words, someone ...or some thing... was sent back in time to stop the production of three Terminator movies before they could be made. Heh.
So Linda Hamilton is back for the first time since 1991, kicking cyborg booty and saving her family. And if the trailer is any indication, Dark Fate might just bring back Terminator's engaging mix of action, girl power, sex appeal, and a clever plot twist or two. 
I hope this one is good. Direct link to the video: