Thursday, December 10, 2015

Zuist Religion Revival In Iceland

"Icelanders flock to religion revering Sumerian gods and tax rebates":
Icelanders opposed to the state funding of religion have flocked to register as Zuists, a movement that worships ancient Sumerian gods and – perhaps more importantly – promises its followers a tax rebate.

More than 3,100 people – almost 1% of Iceland’s population – have joined the Zuist movement in the past two weeks in protest at paying part of their taxes to the state church and other religious bodies. Followers of Zuism will be refunded the tax element earmarked for religion...

“There is no opt-out. Those who are unaffiliated or belong to unregistered religions effectively just pay higher taxes,” said Sveinn Thorhallsson, a Zuist spokesperson. 
My favorite line:
Some politicians have claimed that Zuism should be de-registered because it is not a true religion.
Good luck with that!  (Link via Tyler Cowen.)