Sunday, November 10, 2013

Perfectly Synced Drones

"You Won't Believe These Perfectly Synced Drones Aren't CGI". (Via Howard R.)

From the article:
Autonomous quadcopter drones aren't all about flying into dangerous areas where humans fear to tread. Besides being disposable, they also make for perfectly precise pint-sized pilots, as this Lexus ad entitled Amazing In Motion demonstrates. When you watch it, keep in mind that not a single quadcopter in the commercial was faked through CGI—they're all real drones flying in perfect precision.

The ad was made possible by the folks at KMel Robotics who've developed a whole suite of tools to program and control the swarm of quadcopters...
Update: According to this article, some CGI was used.  And here's the "making of" video. (Thanks, Dave J, for the pointers!)