Sunday, October 21, 2012

Will the Millennial Generation kill the NFL?

Will the Millennial Generation kill the NFL?

George Will makes a similar argument: "[I]n this age of bubble-wrapped children, when parents put helmets on wee tricycle riders, many children are going to be steered away from youth football, diverting the flow of talent to the benefit of other sports."

Personally, I believe adults should have the right to participate in sports like football if they choose provided they are properly informed of the risks/benefits/etc.

It may be that the culture eventually shifts to the point that football is considered an overly barbaric sport (like the way that boxing has lost popularity from the 1950s to today). Or it may be that a combination of technology and rule changes allows football to improve player safety while still preserving the currently-appealing aspects of the game.

Hence, I hope the government stays out of this issue and lets the marketplace sort this issue out.