Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why Is The Letter "Z" Associated With Sleep?

"Why is the letter Z associated with sleep?"

Interesting tidbit:
That raised the question of how snoring is represented in other cultures. Una discovered the following:
Germans use "chrrr," which considering the typical German pronunciations of ch and r -- i.e., you sound like you're getting ready to use the spittoon -- is a lot closer to snoring than "zzz."
The French, who also favor a sonically rich r, use "rrroooo," "rrr," "roon," "ron," and so on. The Spanish likewise use "rooooon."
The Japanese use characters that transliterate as "guu guu," while speakers of Mandarin Chinese use characters sounding like "hu lu."
Finns use "kroohpyyh," which I'm guessing gives a hint of what I sound like.