Friday, January 20, 2012

SOPA Update

Update #2: Evan Brown dissents from the Khan Academy video.

Update: Politico reports on 1/20/2012, "PIPA bill vote canceled by Harry Reid".

Original post: I received the following SOPA update from a friend:
The proponents of PIPA/SOPA are now regrouping and redoubling their efforts to force these egregious pieces of legislation into law by forcing a vote next week in the Senate called "Cloture", which in effect forces Senators to vote for a bill as written without debate or amendments. They are doing this as fast as possible because they know opposition is building and they still think they have the votes necessary to pass PIPA.

Although some Senators have said they are working to "fix" the bills to address some of our concerns, they may not get the chance.

It is imperative that we tell our Senators to vote NO on "Cloture". Please help spread the word, as this is a process most Americans are not familiar with, and need to understand if they are going to speak up in time.
Use this link to contact your Senator.

BTW, the Khan Academy has a nice explanation of what's wrong with SOPA/PIPA: