Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Physics bleg: A friend-of-a-friend is interested in receiving feedback from physicists about a pre-print of an article he has written on quantum mechanics, "Surely You Must All be Joking: An Outsider's Critique of Quantum Physics".

The author is a non-physicist at the University of Colorado. If you're willing to respond, please send your comments directly to him at: "randy.oreilly" "at" "" or via this link. (Please do not send your feedback to me, Paul.)

Here is the abstract:
A critique of the state of current quantum theory in physics is presented, based on a perspective outside the normal physics training. From this perspective, the acceptance of quantum nonlocality seems unwarranted, and the fundamental assumptions that give rise to it in the first place seem questionable, based on the current status of the quantum theory of light. The relevant data can instead be accounted for using physically motivated local models, based on detailed properties of the experimental setups. The semiclassical approach, particularly in the form of the fully coupled Maxwell-Dirac equations with a pure wave ontology, seems to provide a satisfying, local, paradox-free physical model of the quantum world, that appears consistent with known phenomena. It is unclear why this approach is not pursued more vigorously in the field, given its clear potential to resolve all the conundrums that have perplexed generations of physicists.