Monday, June 29, 2009

"How Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, and Harry Potter are Actually the Same Movie":
Once upon a time, [Luke | Kirk | Neo | Harry] was living a miserable life.

Feeling disconnected from his friends and family, he dreams about how his life could be different.

One day, he is greeted by [Obi Wan | Captain Pike | Trinity | Hagrid] and told that his life is not what it seems, and that due to some circumstances surrounding his [birth | birth | birth | infancy] he was meant for something greater.

Deciding to leave with [him | him | her | him], [Luke | Kirk | Neo | Harry] is taken to [Mos Eisley | Starfleet Academy | the real world | Hogwarts] where he meets lots of new, fascinating people.

For the first time in a very long time, life is exciting, and [Luke | Kirk | Neo | Harry] explores the new life that has opened up for him. With his new friends, he starts to work hard to become the sort of man that [Obi Wan | Captain Pike | Trinity | Hagrid] said he could be.

Although [Han | Spock | the Oracle | Draco] challenges his abilities, things go relatively well until suddenly, [Alderaan is destroyed | Vulcan is attacked | Morpheus is captured | Voldemort returns]...
(Via Kottke.)