Sunday, February 01, 2009

iPhone app to solve Rubik's Cube:
CubeCheater is a new iPhone and iPod Touch app that solves everyone's favorite 80's puzzle cube. Just input the current state of your cube and CubeCheater will show you how to solve it.

Cubes can be entered by using the color palette and tapping in the colors, or you can just take a picture of each face of the cube and CubeCheater will use advanced computer-vision techniques to recognize the cube for you. (Camera feature not available on iPod Touch)

CubeCheater uses the famed Kociemba algorithm to find a solution quickly. It finds optimal or near-optimal cube solutions in only a few seconds. Even a really mixed-up cube will only take about 20 turns to solve, compared to hundreds of turns for a typical human algorithm.
Official website here.