Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Movie trivia for The Princess Bride. Some excerpts:
* Rob Reiner once ran into John Gotti at a restaurant. One of his henchmen, who was outside waiting on Gotti as Reiner was leaving, looked Rob in the eye and growled, "You killed my father, prepare to die." Reiner said he about "went" in his pants right there, but then the thug said, "Princess Bride, I love that movie!"

* Billy Crystal specified that his character's makeup should look like a cross between Casey Stengel and his grandmother. Rob Reiner had to leave the room every time Billy had a scene, because he would laugh so hard he would ruin the take otherwise. Mandy Patinkin says, "God's honest truth," that despite all of his risky fencing scenes, the only injury he sustained during the whole movie was bruising a rib from holding in his laughter during Billy Crystal's scenes.