Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Interesting facts about iPhone owners:
* 80% of iPhone owners said they were "satisfied" with the device
* 72% of users said they use the iPhone at least once a day for e-mail
* 55% of those surveyed said that the iPhone has increased their mobile browsing
* Almost half of the owners changed their carrier
* 40% of those that switched, switched from a smartphone device
* 1/3 of iPhone owners carry 2 phones
* 13% of iPhone owners surveyed have unlocked iPhones
* 1 out of 10 users reported "hand pain" after use
* 1 out of 5 iPhones were purchased as a gift

Only 20% of the users surveyed said that they had both an iPod and Mac; while only 5% said they had had a Mac and no iPod. Half of iPhone owners are under 30 years of age and students took up 16% of iPhone usage.