Sunday, April 08, 2007

Challenges at Google as many of their early employees hit their 4th anniversary and become eligible to cash in lucrative stock options:
Google's story is also a case study of how companies must learn to manage overnight millionaires who think more like "volunteers" because they're no longer motivated primarily by pay and can quit at any moment. Google's pre-IPO crew, for instance, is sitting on $2 billion worth of options that have vested already and can be cashed in at a moment's notice. And that doesn't count the riches they took off the table last year alone by exercising more than 6 million options with strike prices ranging from a penny to the $85 IPO price.

Their good fortune could stir jealousies as less-fortunate later hires park their Hondas next to a cube-mate's Ferrari, then head into the office to shoulder an equal share of the workload.