Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"Apple Offers $29 Nano-Mac, Hardware Not Included".
In another uncharacteristic effort to woo the masses, Apple CEO Steve Jobs today announced that starting in February his company would ship a "starter version" of the iconic Macintosh computer which will sell for only $29 -- hardware not included.

The announcement follows yesterday's launch of a $499 Mac mini -- a small metal box with no monitor, keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals.

The new $29 Apple Nano-Mac promises to "reduce desktop clutter, while instilling the confidence and feelings of self-worth shared by Mac users worldwide," Mr. Jobs said.

And while critics charged that the bargain-priced Nano-Mac is "little more than a silver Apple logo sticker on an empty matchbox with no ports, plugs, peripherals or programs," Mr. Jobs was quick to point out that all of those "high-end extras can be purchased at by users who like the Mac culture and zeitgeist and want to upgrade to a more hardware-centric experience."
Heh heh...