Tuesday, March 16, 2004

"Why Every High-Performing Team Needs An 11-Year-old Boy" Good essay by Tom McMahon. Here's an excerpt:
Several years ago GE decided to consolidate several then-recent acquisitions under one name in its Medical Systems division. A team comprised of corporate vice-presidents, general managers, upper level managers, marketing managers, and more MBA's than you could shake a stick at came up with this name:

GE Medical Systems Healthcare Information Technologies

which abbreviates to


Of course, after the ordinary folk of the company provided their immediate feedback, this high-performing team (did I mention the MBA's?) dropped the "Healthcare" and the new group was launched. The point is, that if they had replaced just one of those MBA's with just about any 11-year-old boy, they could have saved themselves a lot of needless organizational embarrassment.

If you think they've learned this lesson, read on . . .