Monday, July 21, 2003

Beware the public computers: For the past two years, a NYC cracker has been stealing banking passwords from keystroke sniffers he planted at 13 Kinko's stores in Manhattan. He was finally caught when "he had the bad luck to use a stolen GoToMyPC account to remotely control a victim's home computer while the victim was sitting in front of it. The victim, unnamed in court filings, watched as the PC's cursor began moving of its own accord, riffling through files, opening a browser window, and then establishing an account with online money transfer site under the victim's name. The victim had logged into the machine through GoToMyPC from a Kinko's on Seventh Avenue a few days earlier." Even more amazingly, after the cracker was charged and released on bail, he "got caught planting another keyboard sniffer at a Kinko's on West 40th Street in New York." (Via Ars Technica.)