Wednesday, July 10, 2002

The late Gene Kan once wrote:
People are restrained into spaces less than 3 feet square, less than 50 cubic feet, often for more than 10 hours at a time. It is nearly impossible to sleep, given the restrictive confines. The space is so small people are unable to lie down or even turn or stand erect. They are forced to breathe foul air, ripe with the exhalations and bodily emissions of those with whom they share their fate. Detainees are frequently fed little, and only occassionally. Drinks are also given only in infrequent intervals, often hours apart. There are few common toilets which may not be used at liberty due to the tightly stacked humanity. This often causes extended discomfort among detainees.

Some detainees have died of blood clots caused by such extended immobility and its accompanying lack of exercise.

Recent global economic contraction has caused the appalling conditions to erode further.

People worldwide are subject to these awful conditions today, and shockingly, they must pay for their keeping! Needless to say, the rich are able to bribe their way to improved conditions, including more space and better feeding and watering. But even they are prevented from questioning the tyrannical rule of their gaelors for threat of law.

This is not a description of any prison. This is modern air travel.
(Via Boing Boing.)