Tuesday, April 09, 2002

"Simpsons" episode pisses off Brazilian president, threatens to spark international incident. Although this sounds like it should be an April Fool's story, it isn't. According to this article: "When the Simpsons, America's favourite dysfunctional family, visited Brazil last week they made some offbeat observations. The cartoon characters found that Rio de Janeiro is a city where all men are bisexual, where fearsome monkeys roam the streets, and tourists are kidnapped by taxi drivers and mugged by children... Unfortunately, the Rio tourist board did not see the funny side and is preparing to sue the producers, Fox, for damage to its international image and loss of revenue. The issue threatens to become a diplomatic incident... The Brazilian president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, has entered the fray claiming that the cartoon 'brought a distorted vision of Brazilian reality'." (Via MetaFilter.)