Monday, October 12, 2015

After First Contact

"What Happens After Intelligent Life Is Discovered"

MIT Online Degree

"For 1st time, MIT's free online classes can lead to degree".

It will still cost some money, but less than via the traditional route. 

Also, "For students, it's also a new route into the university, bucking the traditional admissions system that relies on past academic records. 'That admission system works well for people who went to schools we know very well,' [MIT Presdient] Reif said. 'But for people from outside that familiar circle, it can be hard to break in.'"

Good Dinosaur

"How Pixar Changed All The Rules To Make The Good Dinosaur A Stunning Masterpiece". (Via H.R.)

Extreme Commuting

"The Rise of the Outrageously Long Commute".

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Gene Patents Dead?

"Gene patents probably dead worldwide following Australian court decision". (Via H.R.)

Friday, October 09, 2015

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Chilli Pepper: Friend Or Foe?

"Is the chilli pepper friend or foe?"

Facebook Privacy Hoax

"Why people fall for the biggest hoax on Facebook"

Parker on Fermi

Randall Parker's answer to the Fermi Paradox:
I have a proposal for the "Why Aren't The Aliens Here Already?" question: Every time biological intelligence evolves it eventually creates artificial intelligence before spreading out into the stars. The AIs always wipe out their creators. Then the AIs are smart enough to realize that this is a universal pattern and that they are now threats to each other. So each AI civilization hides.
(Via Instapundit.)

Chinese Sinkhole Develops Own Ecosystem

Photos: "See the Chinese Sinkhole That Developed Its Own Ecosystem"

Monday, October 05, 2015

Driverless Taxi Experiment to Start in Japan

"RoboCab: Driverless Taxi Experiment to Start in Japan"
Japan’s cabinet office, Kanagawa prefecture and Robot Taxi Inc. on Thursday said they will start experimenting with unmanned taxi service beginning in 2016. The service will be offered for approximately 50 people in Kanagawa prefecture, just south of Tokyo, with the auto-driving car carrying them from their homes to local grocery stores.

According to the project organizers, the cabs will drive a distance of about three kilometers (two miles), and part of the course will be on major avenues in the city. Crew members will be aboard the car during the experiment in case there is a need to avoid accidents.

Christmas Drones

"FAA fears 1 million Americans will receive drones for Christmas and use them unwisely"

Nihilistic Password Security Questions

Hah! "Nihilistic Password Security Questions"

Predictive Car Algorithms

"This Car Knows Your Next Misstep Before You Make It"

Friday, October 02, 2015

Danish Travel Commercial

"A new ad by Danish travel agency Spies Rejser tells mothers to encourage their kids to make grandchildren by sending them on sunny, active vacations."

What Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google Sell To Advertisers

"The price of free: How Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google sell you to advertisers"

Interview With A Courtroom Artist

"The Beautiful People Are The Hardest To Draw: Interview With A Courtroom Artist"

Eye Chart Typefaces

Eye chart typefaces.

I'm just glad this is no longer the norm: